Derby's First Inflatable Indoor Arena


These are the answers to some of the most common questions regarding Bounce House Uk. Here you'll find most of the answers your looking for regarding the venue, parking, inflatables, ticket sales, refreshment facility's and parking


Call our derby office 01332 410032 if you have any your unsure of or email

Q1.Is there refreshments or hot & cold drinks on site?

A. Only at certain venues, so if your unsure please email our office with your preferred venue.

Q2. Is there any parking at the venue?

A. Yes there is parking however it is very limited so please arrive early to find a car park spot, or there is on road parking. All vehicles and contents are at the owners risk and Bounce House Uk or the venue will hold no responsibility for any loss or liability.

Q3. What Time should i arrive?

A. Ideally you want to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your session times to allow for queing, Parking and getting signed in. Your session will start at the time you paid for, so if your late for any reason then this will jeopardise your time on the inflatables and will not be added on at the end.

Q4. Is there toilet facilities on site?

A. Yes there are toilet /disabled facilities inside the venue.

Q4. Can you pay on the door?

A. Unfortunately its advanced ticket sales only so we can control the numbers for health & safety purposes, However if you turn up and there is some availability then you can pay on the door, but we cannot guarantee that there will be spaces available.

Q5. do you allow spectators in?

A. Yes each full price session ticket entitles you to 1 free Spectator, However we can accommodate other spectators, but there is a £1 entry fee.

Q6. What is the Age Limit?

A. Indoor Family sessions:-

This is the perfect session if aged 5+ - Adults where they can go on All our large inflatables. The under 5s will only be permitted to the under 5's area on this session.

If your child is under 5 an adult can take him on the bigger inflatables but you would both need a wristbands and this is at your own risks you will be going against our guidelines.

Adult Only Sessions:

You have to 18 years and over to attend this session, no children are allowed. It's the adults turn to have fun!

The toddlers 5s and under session's:-

Only 5s and under with there parents/ guardian would be allowed to access the inflatables however a wristband would be needed for whoever chooses to use the inflatables.

The Toddler sessions are for under 5's, where the sessions have been made so the toddlers can experience all the big inflatables
Over 5 kids Would not be permitted on any inflatables with the toddlers for safety and well being of the other toddler users.

The Toddlers also have full access of the inflatable park and all the inflatables at the toddler session

Sen Quite Session:-

These have been created for SEN Children and the're siblings only. It's a quiet session (non music) However we can't dampen the sounds of the inflatable blowers so please be aware of this.

This is for purely SEN with the're sibling.

(Adults can go on these inflatables with there Sen child but would need a wristband)

Q6. Are the Inflatables safe for children and adults?

Yes absolutely, safety is paramount. Most activities will have its own operator to operate the equipment safely. We would never let small kids on with big kids and vice-versa, also we would never overcrowd an inflatable, there would be enough to go around!

Q7. is there any pacific clothing i should wear for safety reasons?

We would recommend you wear something comfortable and warm, that covers your elbows and legs. Socks are a must!

Q8. Can i leave my child there un-attended?

No we are not a child minders! Your solely responsible for your child. An adult must be accompanied if there child is under 16 years old

Most of All, enjoy Your Day @The bounce house uk!